Courses offered

Various Courses Offered By LogicPace are:

  • C

    1. Introduction To C Language
    2. C Tokens
    3. Data Types
    4. Operators and Expressions
    5. Decision Making and Branching
    6. The loop control structure
    7. Arrays
    8. Character array and strings
    9. Storage Classes in C
    10.Functions And Pointers
    11.Structures And Unions
    12.Link List
    13.File Handling
    14.The C Pre Processor Directive

  • C++

    1. Introduction of C++
    2. Language Fundamentals
    3. Operators And Expression
    4. Control Statement
    5. Array And Strings
    6. Function
    7. Structure And Union
    8. Pointers
    9. Object-Oriented Programming
    10.Classes And Objects
    11.Constructors And Destructors
    12.Dynamic Objects
    14.Virtual Fuctions
    15.Operator Overloading
    16.Generic Programming With Templates
    17.Stream Computation With Console
    And Files
    18.Exception Handling
    19.C++ Graphics

  • Data Structure & Algorithm

    Under Construction..

  • Php

    1. Introduction to PHP
    2. PHP & HTML
    3. The Basics of PHP
    4. Operators
    5. Control Structures
    6. Arrays
    7. Functions
    8. Build-In Functions and Language
    9. State Management
    10.Robust and Healthy Code
    11.Databases and SQL
    12.Retrieving Data from
    MySql using PHP
    13.Using PHP to Manipulate
    Data in MySql
    14.Files and Directories
    15.PHP and Email
    16.PHP and Ajax

  • Oracle

    Under Construction..

  • Advance Java

    1. Jdbc Introduction & Drivers
    2. The java.sql Package
    3. The javax.sql Package
    4. Introduction To Web Application
    5. Deployement And Packaging
    6. Java Servlet APIs
    7. Request And Response API
    8. Session Handling
    9. Servlet Collaboration
    10.Filters For Web Application
    11.Jsp Introduction
    12.Java Beans
    13.Standard Actions

  • Core Java

    1. Introduction To Java
    2. Language Fundamentals
    3. Operators, Experssion And Assignments
    4. Control Statements
    5. Object Oriented Programming
    6. Class Fundamentals
    7. Inheritance
    8. Packages
    9. Interface
    10.Exception Handling Mechanism
    12.String And StringBuffer Classes
    13.Java.Lang.Object Class
    14.Wrapper Classes
    15.Multi-Threaded Programming
    17.The Collection FrameWork
    18.Input/OutPut In Java
    20.Abstract Windows Toolkit(AWT)
    21.AWT Components
    22.AWT Events
    23.Painting In AWT
    24.AWT Application

  • Struts 2

    1. Introduction to Struts 2.0
    2. Configuring Struts2 Application
    3. Action in Struts2
    4. Interceptors
    5. Struts2 Results
    6. Validators
    7. Struts2 Generic Tags
    8. Struts2 UI Tags
    9. OGNL - An Expression Language
    10.Internationalization of Struts2
    11.Tiles Plugin

  • J2ME

    1. Basic Of J2ME
    2. Mobile Information Device Profile(MIDP)
    3. Creating User Interface-1
    4. Creating User Interface-2
    5. User Interface (Graphics)
    6. Record Management Store
    7. Data Persistence
    8. Networking And Web Services
    9. Game API
    11.J2ME Project

  • Mac Os/Objective C/iPhone Development

    Mac Os
    1. Introduction
    2. Change your desktop
    3. Modify your window
    4. Set your preferences
    5. Change your icon
    6. Connect your devices
    7. Security
    8. Cross-Platform compatibility
    1. XCode feature overview
    2. XCode workflow
    Objective C
    1. Introduction to Objective C
    2. Data type and expression
    3. Programming and looping
    4. Making decisions
    5. Classes and objects
    6. Inheritance
    7. Object oriented programming
    8. Categories and protocol,posing
    9. Number,string and collection
    10.Memory management
    1. Introduction to iphone
    2. Getting started with iphone
    3. Write your first hello world!
    4. Outlets , actions and controllers
    5. Exploring the views
    6. Table view
    7. Application preference
    8. Database storage using sqlite3
    9. Accessing hardware( includes map)
    10.Iphone miscellaneous topics

  • C#

    1. The .Net Programming Framework
    2. Language Fundamentals
    3. Operators And Expressions
    4. Control Statements
    5. Object-Oriented Programming
    6. Class Fundamentals
    7. Indexers And Properties
    8. Inhertance
    9. Interfaces
    10.Exception Handling
    11.Namespaces And Assemblies
    12.Delegates And Events
    14.Enumeration And Miscellaneous

  • Asp.Net

    1.Introduction To Web Application
    2.Visual Studio 2005
    3.Web Forms
    4.Server Controls
    5.Validation Controls
    6.State Management
    7.Rich Controls
    9.Data Binding
    10.Data-Bound Control
    11.Master Pages
    12.Site Nevigation Themes And Skins
    14.Web-Service Applications AJAX Ajax Control Toolkit
    18.Querying With Linq

  • Android

    1. Introduction To Andriod
    2. Application Structure And Activites
    3. Creating User Interface-1
    4. Creating User Interface-2
    5. Android Event Handling
    6. Exploring Security
    7. Data Persistence
    8. Networking
    9. Accessing Android Hardware
    10.Android Application Development
    11.Android Games API's
    12.Android miscellaneous API's