Preparation Of IA 

Informatics Assistant


Problem Solving ,Data Interpretation ,Data Sufficiency ,Logical Reasoning ,Mental Ability and Analytical Reasoning, General Knowledge and Current Affairs relating to India and Rajasthan, Major developments in the field of Information Technology.
Overview of Computer system including input-output devices ,pointing devices and scanner .
Introduction to OS, Ms-Word ,Ms-Excel,PowerPoint,Ms-Access.
Representation of Data(Digital Vs Analog, Number System), Data Processing ,Concept Of Files & Types.
Introduction Of Internet Technology and Protocol ,LAN , WAN ,MAN, Search engines,  Introduction To Online & Offline messaging ,WWW,Web Browsers,Web Publishing,Creation & Maintenance of Websites ,HTML interactivity Tools,Multimedia and Graphics, Voice Mail & Video Conferencing ,Introduction to E-Commerce.
Security: Protecting Computer system from virsues & malicious attacks ,Introduction to firewalls & its Utility,Backup & Restoring Data.
Alogrithm to problem solving ,Introduction to C,Principal & Programming Techniques, Introduction to OOPs concept, Introduction To "Integrated  Development Environment" & its Advantages


Degree or Diploma in Computer Science/IT/EC
Students who are appearing in the last semester examinations can also apply..


Rs. 10,000/- Only      


2 Hours daily for about 2 months
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