Training                            Paid Summer training will be conducted on Java, Android

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  • Preparation of IT related Jobs

    • 1. Analyst-cum-program
    • 2. Programmer
    • 3. Informatic Assistant
  • IT Courses and Training

    • 1. C, C++
    • 2. Java, J2EE
    • 3. Android
    • 4. Iphone development using swift
    • 5. Big Data and Hadoop development
    • 6. Android
  • Publication

    • 1. Java For Programmer
    • 2. DBMS For Programmer
    • 3. Networking For Programmer
    • 4. SAD For Programmer
    • 5. Informatic Assistant

Why us?

  • Access to Expertise

    Our experience includes industry experties as well as most proficient, highly knowledgable and experienced faculty members.

  • High-Skilled Team

    We have a very high skilled team for each general subjects of Computer Science. Our team includes a lots of people who are already selected in various competition examinations. Our team is enriched with a number of people who are B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA, Ph.D which good experience.

  • Course Meterial

    Our expert team is engaged in designing a very vast and effective course metarial for almost all the courses and trainings.

  • Cost Savings

    We offer competitive fee for various type of courses without compromizing upper level standards of quality and effectiveness.

  • Seamless Communication

    We aim to create and maintain a productive and secure communication flow. Established knowledge management infrastructure and different communication channels ensure efficient information sharing and management with all trainee participants.

Students Feedback

It was an excellent preparation program for my examination of programmer. Great knowledge and right about the practical and class room activity. Thanks TN Sir, Thanks LogicPace

Tulsiram Gurjar (Programmer,DOIT&C)

Highly participatory and inclusive... I have gained a lot of knowledge... excellent teachers... nice and inspiring group. LogicPace has shaped my carrier. This was really very highly participatory and inspiring training program which has taken me to selection in RPSC Programmer examination.

Neha Verma (Programmer,DOIT&C)

Remarkable training program by LogicPace. Always ready to help us, provides good examples. Ultimate Training Program.

Sukhram Bhincher (IA, DOIT&C)

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